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Quest's Survivor Challenge

Quest's Survivor Challenge


This program aims to improve intra-company relations through the development of communication channels, resource management and camaraderie. Great for multi-cultural groups. Team members will be required to think on their feet and adjust to each situation that comes their way.


Half Day
Full day program can be arranged upon request.


Based on the reality TV show, Quest's Survivor Challenge brings Tribes together to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in a variety of problem solving activities. Fire torches represent the points and Tribes must avoid having a torch extinguished in 'Tribal Council'.

Price per person:

10 - 30 THB 2,500
31 - 60 THB 2,200
61 - 90 THB 1,900
91 - 120 THB 1,600
121- 150 THB 1,300

All price are exclusive of 7% VAT


Lunch or Dinner can be arranged upon request.

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