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The Sum of Its Parts

The Sum of Its Parts


If you were to think of great teams around the world, what common characteristics do they share? What makes them great? This highly functional program addresses each of the components of a great team and challenges your team to excel in each, as you and your colleagues come together as one to demonstrate that 'the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'.


Full Day


Building a great team is no mean feat. It requires many elements to come together in unison and function as a whole towards a common goal. Throughout this program, your group will be working as one. No competition, no inter team rivalry - just a shared vision of success.

Your team will attempt to overcome a series of communication, support, trust and creativity challenges that can only be completed if everyone comes together and works as one single unit. With only limited resources, how do you move your entire team from the shore to an island in the middle of the lake?

Price per person:

10 - 30 THB 3,200
31 - 60 THB 3,000
61 - 90 THB 2,800

All price are exclusive of 7% VAT


Lunch or Dinner can be arranged upon request.

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