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Quest Laguna Phuket Adventure FAQ

Quest FAQ

Question: What group sizes can Quest accommodate?


Quest’s programs are highly flexible and can be refined according to group size. We have conducted highly focused programs for groups as small as 5 and routinely manage groups of several hundred participants. The choice of activities and structure of the program will be adjusted accordingly. Venue is not a problem as Quest maintains a 7 acre facility right here in Laguna Phuket.

Question: Who are the facilitators??


Quest maintains a full time team of experienced and highly trained facilitators. These individuals have been working in this industry for many years and bring a wealth of knowledge to each and every program. It is this committed and energetic team that ensures that your program is both memorable and truly effective.

Question: What do the program rates include?


The rates include all equipment and setup, unlimited drinking water, sunscreen, insect repellent, flags, bandanas, welcome banner for your group, all facilitation and free transfers from all Laguna Phuket resorts to the Quest facilities. In fact, everything that is required to ensure a top quality program. There are no hidden costs. We also have a range of optional extras such as branded t-shirts, trophies and F&B options that can easily enhance your program.

Question: How do I make a booking with Quest?


First, download our Master Proposal which presents our most popular programs in an easy to follow PDF. A Quest representative will then contact you and answer any questions you may have as well as highlighting one or two programs that we feel fit with your specific requirements. Sample program outlines will then be sent to you while we work together to refine the program to meet your exact demands and schedule. A contract and 50% deposit is then required to confirm the booking. It’s as simple as that.

Question: Are the programs safe?


Quest’s safety standards are second to none. All facilitators are fully trained in both first aid and lifeguarding through international organizations. Internal refresher courses are conducted every 4 to 6 months and re-certification every 2 to 3 years. Well stocked first aid packs are always present throughout a program and the Laguna Phuket medical clinic, managed by an international hospital chain, is only 5 minutes away from our facility. All activities are “Challenge By Choice” meaning that no individual is ever pressured to do something they are not comfortable with. The choice is always there and participants who opt out are encouraged to assume a supportive role in their team. Quest also maintains comprehensive insurance with respected international providers.

Question: Can a program be tailored to the specific core values of an organisation?


Absolutely. We frequently refine and adjust our programs to meet the specific requirements of each organisation we work with. Incorporating specific core values into the activities is a powerful way to link your event more closely with your conference themes and corporate vision.