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Laguna Phuket Releases Young Sea Turtles to a Lifelong Journey

Media Release

marking its 20th anniversary of supporting sea turtle conservation programmes

90 juvenile sea turtles were released into the sunset waters of the Andaman Sea to begin their lifetime ocean odysseys at Laguna Phuket’s annual sea turtle release on Friday, 21 February on the Angsana Laguna Phuket beachfront.

Over 500donors and spectators were all-smiles as they rooted for the tiny turtles while they were making their momentous journey.

The beach ceremony was part of Laguna Phuket’s on-going environmental partnership with Phuket Marine Biological Centre and the 3rd Area Naval Command, Royal Thai Navy to help the plight of endangered sea turtles.

This year’s event which was the 20th edition of the annual Laguna Phuket Sea Turtle Release Ceremony raised over baht 200,000from turtle ticket sales and other activities, including a raffle, to be put towards ongoing sea turtle conservation programmes by Phuket Marine Biological Centre and the 3rd Area Naval Command, Royal Thai Navy, and renovation of turtle pools at Phuket Marine Biological Centre.

In previous years, Laguna Phuket has also used fund raised to sponsor 4 satellite tracking devices for juvenile sea turtles as well as reconstruct roof structure for disabled turtle shelter at Phuket Marine Biological Centre, all aiming to enhance the efficiency of sea turtle conservation in Phuket.

Green sea turtles (Chelonia mydas) can live for up to 60 years and spend their lives roaming the world’s oceans. Only the females ever come ashore again to nest.



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Note to editor


·    Satellite tracking devices for juvenile sea turtles– Provides important information to researchers on juvenile sea turtles’ feeding grounds and migration patterns; this information can then be used to expand protected areas for sea turtle conservation

·    Disabled sea turtles– Many sea turtles get physically injured from boat propellers and fishing nets. More turtles, however, suffer from injuries caused by eating garbage floating in the ocean. Locals and tourists should be aware about properly discarding garbage and fishing equipment to help prevent injuries to sea turtles. While some sea turtles can be treated and returned to sea within 6 mos. – 1 year, many more lost their ability to survive in nature and must be raised in captivity.